April 30, 2013

Quick Update - 4/30

Just thought I'd post a fast update. Nothing major to report however.

Still packing away... got most of my office / desk / school supplies packed today leaving most of everything I need / want in the basement packed. Nine more sleeps until its departure day! Things are more set in stone for horses being shipped and getting them set. All my tack is in my car ready to go. What I'm not taking in the start is at my Dad's house ready to be put on a moving truck in June.

I saw the ponies briefly today. I tagged along to K's riding lesson with her dressage instructor. We got back to the barn and walked the trail area to see what best area would be to excavate to make a dressage arena. I picked a few handfuls of grass and fed them to both Dakota and Echo. 

Echo is back to her swimming in water tanks. The cover that was built for the tank is now broken, in many many pieces. I was putting water back into the tank tonight and sprayed her down with the hose since it's warm enough finally to do so. She stood there and if she was a dog, would have been drooling. I'm glad at least one of my horses will always enjoy a bath.

I'm planning a contest for my blog followers. Once I hit 15 followers I will open the contest and will have a lovely prize for those that enter.

Tomorrow, more packing!