April 19, 2013


Since I've had friends breathing down my neck, threatening me to post on here *ahem* Erin *ahem* - I figured I'd give a brief life update.

I'm still *living* at my grandparents house, helping out with basically everything. My grandpa's surgery has temporarily been cancelled. As long as he can stay stable where he's at, they are going to postpone the surgery. They hope by waiting he can gain strength. He had a heart attack February 27th and the longer he can go without having to go under for surgery the less risky his surgery will be. His attitude, appetite and spirits have all improved. My grandma and I are still threatening him with duct tape restraints and leaving him in the hospital.

The horses are good. I have barely seen them, last time I saw them was last Sunday. I had to feed all the horses so S and I did chores. Free lunged both for a few minutes but nothing overly exciting. 

Living in Michigan is sucking. My allergies have turned into a cold. Speaking of cold, it's snowing today. 

With that said, it's a good time to say that I have a potential job offer that will have me moving. Moving to a much much warmer climate. I'm trying not to jinx it by saying too much, but things are still moving along on the possibility so keep your fingers crossed and I'll post details as soon as things are official.


  1. I only bug you because I know people on here are hoping you are okay, and wondering if Grandpa is okay. As we both know, attitude alone would keep that man going!

  2. Keeping everything crossed for both the job offer & for your Grandpa getting stronger!