April 29, 2015

Finding a Farrier - NC Edition

I won't lie. I definitely get a bad horse owner award for this one. When I first got here, I found  vet, chiro and dentist numbers for Dakota, but not farrier. Mostly because I dread going through the cycle of finding one that will work for Mr Sensitive Toes. 

He's been in NC for 6 weeks now. With being trimmed right before he left, I haven't felt too terrible, especially seeing the way he's been running around. But of course we've had insane amounts of rain... aka hoof growing weather. Now they're splitting. Yay for procrastination. Of course hoof growth = not 100% sound because now we're too long but not sore enough to keep someone from galloping around.

I was never a fan of how he was trimmed in Louisiana to be honest, but I was never able to be there when he got done and somehow... he stayed sound.

My neighbor gave me the number to her farrier who never called me back a few weeks ago. I wasn't too keen on trying her anyways so not overly upset. Is it me or unless you really specialize in barefoot (which I'll get into in a second), is it odd for someone to just trim and not shoe? I feel like that's half learning to become a farrier and just being like, nah I'm good. 

Que the internet searching for a farrier. Contacted three farriers, the one I like best on paper called me back. Says he has experience with foundered horses and the pain in the ass sensitive ones. We'll find out soon because he's coming this afternoon. 

If he doesn't workout, and really even if he does, I have another plan thankfully. In the same internet searching, I went on the HGS Forums that I browse on occasion and asked someone I've always respected their knowledge on forum if she knew any farriers in the area. Never met this person but knew she was in NC. She recommended someone that does the natural barefoot trimming. I came across her website on my own before asking, and just assumed she looked too good to be true. This person on HGS assured me she really is good and is worth every bit of her expensive trims. I've already called the person and left a message, which I know she got. I was warned shes busy and backed up but once I can get her out for the first time it shouldn't be as big of a problem. If I can't get her out, fingers crossed the guy today works!

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  1. Fingers crossed on all counts, I hanged Mt girls to a barefoot trimmer last autumn and am very happy with her and their feet. She always explain s everything to me and tells me what i might expect their feet to do