March 18, 2015

The Miles They've Traveled

Yesterday I started thinking about all the miles both my horses have on them, literally. Not in the riding sense, but how many miles I've hauled them across the country. I was somewhat surprised Dakota's wasn't higher. Echo's is since I've had her, no idea where she may have gone, if anywhere, for weanling/yearling training. I didn't include any individual farm moves in Kentucky when Dakota and I first started out, there were a lot before we settled. So this is just pure long distance interstate miles, and of course approximate since I don't know the exact route shippers took to get them around.

October 2012 - Lexington KY to Michigan
June 2013 - Michigan to Lexington
October 2013 - Lexington to Texas
January 2014 - Texas to Lexington

Total: 2,520 Miles (4,055 Km)

August 2006 - Michigan to Lexington KY
December 2010 - Lexington to Michigan
June 2012 - Michigan to Lexington
December 2014 - Lexington to Louisiana
March 2015 - Louisiana to North Carolina

Total: 2,940 Miles (4,731 Km)

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  1. How have i missed these updates?!
    Thems some well travelled ponies!