March 17, 2015

NC Arrival

Dakota is here! 

48+ hour trailer ride and Mr. D has arrived. I swear I hate moving and I hate uprooting him as well. Thankfully the shipper kept telling me he wished they were all behaved like Dakota and that he was a champion hauler. Ate / drank / slept like a pro on the road. It took longer to get here since I opted for a shipper that would stop and let the horses out of trailer at night (in stalls) at a horsey hotel. I hadn't done this before. I think Dakota is in better shape overall from it but he still looked exhausted last night.

After a final midnight check I actually got sleep... aka adrenaline rush of waiting for his arrival. I got up at 6 this morning to check on him and his attitude was much better. He had ate majority of his hay and drank even more water - good pony. Since he was looking good, I gave him literally a handful of grain with a 'bigger' breakfast later in the morning. He needs to gain weight. With a new grain, environment, hay and him being Mr. Sensitive to what I eat, it's going to be a slow process I think. He also needs a bath. Badly. However since I'm brilliant and left all my bathing supplies, grooming sprays, fly sprays, etc in Kentucky with Echo... he gets to wait that out. I'm not about to go buy all new shampoos, sweat scrapers, etc when I'm planning a trip to Lexington in the next month. I can retrieve a majority of what is in Echo's trunk since she's living the broodmare life and doesn't need half of whats there. 

Pre Groom - Aka gross.
Post Groom - Still needs another good grooming.

Finally heard back from the small animal vet clinic I interviewed with and now I'm waiting to set up a working interview so that they can see me hands on with the animals. 

Saturday I'm going to the Carolina International for the CIC 1-3* cross country day. Meeting up with a friend from Kentucky that now lives in NC as well. Really excited for the day. Also meeting up with her in a few weeks for the world premier of Harry & Snowman which of all places, is here in NC.


  1. It's always such a relief when they arrive safe & sound and settle in well. He is looking great, really shiney.
    Shall keep everything crossed for small animal vet position!