December 20, 2014

Gone Too Long

I know, I know I've been gone too long. I wish I could say I've been able to keep on blog reading in my absence but sadly I've been gone from that too. There is a lot to catch my blog world up on. Things like the new job, living in a totally different world and culture, the horses here, cats, etc. but that will take a lot of catching up. 

Two things however... Echo is doing well and being good overall in Kentucky. Secondly, Dakota is coming to Louisiana!!! He will be here Monday. He gets to ride and arrive on a giant semi trailer. Not sure how he's going to take that but he's always been a hauling champion. He's coming down with five horses the owners have in Kentucky so one big load of horses coming.

I finally feel ready for him to be here and have a horse again. Well, I've needed him for sanity for awhile, but I finally feel like I have sort of a routine to where I can actually go see him after work and still get home and not be exhausted the next day. 

The farm he'll be at is right on my route home so it's very convenient. 170 acres total, lots of land to just ride on. Has 3 round pens and a large lighted arena. No barn hours will make it nice when I start working nights soon for night watch on the mares. He'll be on full care board so I won't have the stress of having to stay after work for something and still getting to him every night. Looks like the barn is mostly Western riders but a few English and lots of hopeful trail riding buddies. 

Super scared to see how matted his mane and tail are, how fat he is, and how bad his hooves are. Hopefully I will have him sound and ridable pretty quickly... It might take a few trims though to get his hooves good and fingers crossed living outside in Kentucky on fall grass didn't do too much damage. Like I said, I'm scared. I'll do my best to post some updates on Dakota as he arrives and I start riding again, as well as catching up on some serious blog reading.

Poolside at my apartment.


  1. I am so glad to see an update from you, photos look fab & great news on Dakota's ETA. Bet you can't wait to have him back with you again

  2. Super glad you are settled and Dakota will be with you soon :)