September 9, 2014

Plans = Overrated

So much has changed and happened since I wrote my last blog post. 

Last Friday night I had my going away dinner at our favorite restaurant, Jalapenos with my favorite group of people. Lots of goodbyes but it was a fun night that ended with yours truly getting ketchup in their milkshake after drunkenly asking for a steak and shake at Steak n Shake. Gross. 

Sunday Dakota moved down to the owner's house where he'll stay outside 24/7 with a run-in until he ships down to Louisiana. 

Final hack with Dakota until he's in Louisiana.
My car is still not cleaned, my room where I'm living is only 75% packed and I'm running out of time, but oh well, I deserve it for being such a procrastinator. 

Lauren got a great opportunity to switch boarding to the farm she trains with. Echo isn't going. Which threw all the plans out the window we had previously hashed out. Luckily, April, who has been riding where the horses are boarded for about a month, was looking for a horse to potentially lease. Sunday Lauren and I met up with her at the barn to see how her and Echo would interact with each other. To my relief, they seem to have gotten along great. April has a lot of hunter / jumper experience and Echo did all of her quirks while jumping so she shouldn't pull any new tricks out after Lauren and I have both left the farm.  

Echo jumping a week and half ago with Lauren.
Way to jump the standards mare...
My last day of work is tomorrow and the it's show time. Getting the u-Haul loaded tomorrow and may or may not drive a few hours tomorrow night.


  1. I am so excited and looking forward to developing a great partnership with Echo. I wish you all the best in Louisiana.