November 20, 2013

Pony Updates

Not a ton to update with her. Which I suppose is an ok thing. She has a fear of potbelly pigs and miniature donkey's. The donkey one she's pretty much over apparently. Her mane is still wild and growing straight up without flipping to one side. *facepalm* Note to never roach her mane again. My friend that has her has a mare she's trying to sell so once she's sold she will have more time to work Echo other than lunging and ground work here and there. 

He still hasn't been injected. I don't know why but kept putting it off hoping he'd magically be sound. His shoes have been adjusted twice now, most recently last week. So Monday I decided to lunge him a little and see how he went. Front left is where he's lame so I started by warming him up to the left and when I asked him for a trot he didn't leap into his normal forward trot, instead he was doing a western pleasure jog. I let him go a few laps around but when I asked him to lengthen his strides and MOVE he was visibly lame. 

Stopped him and switched directions (ok he stopped and wheeled on his own as if saying he was uncomfortable and I let him go with it) - let him walk some more. I asked him to trot eventually and he started out being all western pleasurey but this time moved out on his own and though his strides were short and a little choppy, I could see him working out of it some. I worked him a little longer - long enough I can truthfully say I couldn't see anything wrong with his strides. 

Forced him to switch direction back to going left - he was pretty angry. Walked.... then trot and his trot was way better.

I'm now basically crossing my fingers for the same results tonight when I work with him. I also consulted one of the eventers at the barn and asked her if she had any coffin bone injection experience and she did with 2 horses - both with definite results. So now I'm thinking if it's something he's going to work out off I can have him injected to just give him an extra boost of comfort. I'll make my final decision tonight on the injections after I see if he works out of it all again. I'll post more updates then!

Wet pony after a cool evening bath.
Sporting his new sage green PONY sized polos. Most successful polo wrap ever with this horse. Pony size is definitely for him.


  1. My eventing friends say that coffin joint is pretty standard and they always see definite results.

  2. Hope Dakota feels better soon!