May 4, 2015

Blanket Washing

Holy blankets! 

I brought back Echo's blankets from Lexington so I had double blanket duty. 

All the blanket washes I've used, they tell you to use 1-2 ounces and give us no good way to actually measure. Frustrating right? So I had bought some of the squeeze bottles liquid supplements use. It was thick and kind of difficult to get through the bottle but it worked great overall and I'm going to keep using it for now.

This was first time I've used the EQyss MicroTek wash on the blankets. I've used it and loved it on wraps, saddle blankets, etc. It did a good job and I like the whole fact of it killing stuff in the process of washing.

However I'm not sure I like it better than Saddler's. Saddler's is all I've used in the past since it took me forever to get through my supply. EQyss removed stains well and smelled a whole lot better after, but there were a few spots I wish it had cleaned slightly better. Downside to the Saddler's is it is way thicker and no way would it go through the squeeze bottle. That thing definitely made my life a lot easier and slightly cleaner than using the cap to measure out the soap. If anyone else has any blanket wash suggestions, I'd love to hear them, always a daunting task so anything to use that works better or makes the job easier, lets hear them!

Congrats to now Kentucky Derby winner American Pharoah. The day had been filled with upsets so things weren't looking as positive for 'Pharoah but he pulled it off. I think for the first time ever, I had the top three, actually four in my picks. If only I had bet! Top three look like they're going to the Preakness in two weeks. Read for more and race replay on the BloodHorse article.

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