July 22, 2014

First Show Results!

It may have bee a non rated schooling KHJA jumper show but her first show is in the books! Video and photo's will be available ASAP. Waiting for everyone to get me the pictures they got of the day so I can make one post. 

We were first to arrive at the show of those trailering in - great parking! White Prince was in the first two classes of the day so Lauren got him saddle quickly while Echo stayed in the trailer until he was off for warm up. After a mini melt down from being tied to the trailer and breaking her halter - it was smooth sailing. Except the classes took longer than expected so we had a ton of time to burn between White Prince and Echo showing. 

The day also coined two new phrases to apply to Echo. "Honey Badger It" and "Echoing". Pretty self explanatory but really the mare could give two shits about anything. Announcer? No. Truck and trailers almost hitting her while parking? No. Children? No. Dogs? Intrigued but no. Standing ringside for your class forever? No thats just nap time. So now we just assume when she goes into a new environment or is asked to do something new she's going to 'honey badger it'.

Secondly we know why she's the opposite of a honey badger time to time. She goes into her own world and does as she's told but her brain isn't 'on'. She made this very clear in her first class Sunday. She entered the ring and couldn't care less about all the jumps, I'm pretty sure she was in a 'look at me I'm pretty' phase and just wanted to be told it. I saw her heading to the first jump like that and of course it was the only rail she pulled all day. Really she didn't even pull a rail, she just plowed through. Then about 3-4 jumps in Lauren said she felt her brain kick in and we could all see it from the side of arena where mid air she looks down and had a moment of 'wait... we're jumping?!'. She came out of the arena proud of herself and we were all proud of her but laughing at her mentality. The memo that she had to go in the arena and jump was just delayed in delivery to her. 

Since she was the first horse to go in the first of her two classes, we had lots of wait time for her next round. AKA time for Lauren to remember the next course and time for Echo to sleep and take in all the admiration. 

Time for second class and there was no echoing in the brain. I couldn't be more proud of her. She jumped clear on everything and took a 6th place in the class (which was 2'3"-2'6" Speed) out of at least 12 horses. We counted and Sunday was only her 9th day of jumping. Plus she trotted a little on course so speed and time wasn't something Lauren or I was worried about, just the experience. 
Showing her ribbon off back at home.
I think the plan now is to start some grid work and more schooling at home as far as jumping. Depending on farrier schedule, we may go to Masterson Station next Monday and figure out a Wednesday evening to the dressage show series. I think she's ready to rock Kentucky Classique in 5 weeks. 

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